Thursday, 22 March 2018

Fast stairlift and hoist delivery available

New designs and technologies – reducing the wait for stairlifts

There are many things where speed of conveyance has its place when seeking and enabling a more tranquil and improved quality lifestyle.  None more so, than the delivery of goods and services aimed at improving the quality of life for the elderly and disabled.    There are many reasons why people delay ordering homecare products; these range from administrative bureaucracy to stubborn pride and recognition of need.   However, it is a fact that once ordered, delivery is vital.  Vital to ensuring commencement of patient care and enhancing living standards. 

As homecare equipment is generally destined for frail and disabled people, many of whom require emergency care packages or risk accidents prior to installation, speed of delivery is often more beneficial than a discounted price.  This is particularly evident with regard to the larger, more complex and bespoke products such as stairlifts.

Indeed, staying in the comfort of your home, near family and friends is always going to be more desirable than a care-home or hospice. Installing a stairlift is a very cost effective, easy and safe way of securing more independence and contentment at home.

In the past, stairlifts destined for winding or intricate staircases could take many weeks before they could be delivered and installed.  However, things are improving with regards to providing stairlifts for more complex and curved staircases. A number of stairlift manufacturers have recently invested in new rail designs manufacturing processes to speed up delivery times for bespoke mono rail and twin rail stairlift systems.  

At Dolphin Mobility, we adopt clever use of technology to speed up the property surveying process and, by holding stocks of several manufactures products, reduce significantly any issues of potential supply shortages.  All of this now means that both straight and curved stairlifts can now be installed far quicker than previously, which is great news for the frail and disabled people waiting for their, quite literally, life enhancing stairlift to be installed.

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